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About The Park

Synonymous with Africa’s wilderness and classic savannah landscapes, Serengeti National Park is by all means one of the most renowned wildlife sanctuaries on the globe. The park is located in northern Tanzania and its grasslands stretch for over 14,763 sq. km. Moreover, Serengeti is also home to the largest concentration of lions on Earth and if you’re dreaming about Tanzania Safaris Tours, then there’s no better place to be than the Serengeti.

Best Time To Visit

Late June to October is widely agreed upon to be the Best Time to Visit Serengeti National Park. This is because the period is ideal for wildlife viewing, with the Great Migration being the highlight.Though wildlife viewing is great throughout the course of the year, certain areas and certain experiences that you may want to have tend to be better at specific time frames.

  • The timing of the Serengeti Great Wildebeest Migration varies based on the time of the year.
  • Your best chance for seeing this terrific natural phenomenon is during the months of June and July.
  • On the contrary, the calving season of the park happens around late January to February, when thousands of baby animals are born.


The UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Serengeti is teeming with massive amounts of wildlife. The park inhabits over 2 million ungulates, 4,000 lions, 100 leopards, 550 cheetahs, and over 500 species of birds. The African Big Five sightings are a regular occurrence during Tanzania Safaris here, though black rhino sightings tend to be rare.

But the primary highlight of the Serengeti Wildlife is undoubtedly the Great Wildebeest Migration. This is the natural phenomenon when around 8 million ungulates cross the open savannah grasslands, including wildebeests, zebras, and gazelles in search of greener pastures.

Predators soon follow in these hooved footsteps and sightings of big cats out on hunts is especially exciting. Back-backed jackals and spotted hyenas aren’t far off these footsteps either.


The following are the major highlights of a Tanzania Safari in Serengeti National Park:

  • The Seronera River Valley – Teeming with all sorts of wildlife
  • Home to the largest land mammal migration on our planet – The Great Wildebeest Migration
  • The perfect Tanzania Destination for photographic safaris
  • Seeing the endless plains from an aerial perspective – on Hot Air Balloon Safaris
  • Experiencing the Maasai way of life – On Tanzania Cultural Tours
  • Staying in the most lavish and comfortable Serengeti Safari Accommodations – Including mobile camps and game lodges

Join us on a Tanzania Safari and discover the endless grasslands of Serengeti dotted with acacias and kopjes from which the king of the savannah controls their kingdom and gaze upon the millions of running ungulates in awe – an all-encompassing safari experience, indeed!


Serengeti's Untamed Beauty


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Experience The Beauty Of Tanzania And Create Unforgettable Memories With Our Safaris.

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Experience The Beauty Of Tanzania And Create Unforgettable Memories With Our Safaris.

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