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Welcome To Mikumi National Park

About The Park

A hidden gem of Tanzania’s wildlife treasure chest – Mikumi National Park is endowed with a fantastic concentration of wildlife, including sightings of several antelopes and species that are only present in a handful of Tanzania Safari Destinations.

The park’s premier attraction is the Mikumi Floodplain, where open savannahs meet the Miombo woodlands giving way to a wonderful setting for wildlife sightings. The park is conveniently located as well and if you combine this with the fact that it sees far less amount of visitors, Mikumi National Park is certainly up there when it comes to safari destinations that you need to explore.

Best Time To Visit

In terms of wildlife viewings, the Best Time to Visit Mikumi National Park is throughout the course of the year. But, if you want to have an edge over the sighting opportunities then a visit during the Dry Season (from late June to October) is highly recommended. This is when the vegetation is much thinner and animals gather around the watering holes.

  • The wet season, from November to May, offers a different but equally captivating experience in Mikumi National Park.
  • During this time, the park transforms into a lush green paradise as rainfall rejuvenates the landscape.
  • The vegetation flourishes, attracting a multitude of grazing animals, including wildebeests and impalas.
  • The wet season also brings migratory birds to the park, making it a haven for birdwatching enthusiasts.

Although the occasional rain shower may disrupt activities, the wet season offers a quieter and more serene atmosphere, with fewer tourists and a chance to witness the cycle of life as newborn animals take their first steps.


Mikumi National Park is a wildlife enthusiast’s dream, boasting a mesmerizing array of fauna that inhabits its vast plains and dense forests. From regal lions basking in the sun to graceful giraffes gracefully traversing the savannah, the park is a haven for Africa’s iconic wildlife.

Elephants roam majestically, while zebras and wildebeests create a spectacle during their annual migration. Mikumi is also home to elusive leopards and spotted hyenas, adding an air of mystery to the safari experience.

Moreover, one major highlight of Mikumi National Park Wildlife is the sightings of the eland, the largest antelope in the world. The equally impressive sable antelope and greater kudu can be seen around the Miombo woodland-covered foothills of the mountain that rises from the park’s borders.


Here are some of the most memorable moments that are for sure going to be the major highlights of your Safari in Mikumi National Park:

  • Iconic African wildlife – Lions, elephants, giraffes, and more.
  • Abundant birdlife – A paradise for birdwatching enthusiasts.
  • Breathtaking landscapes – Vast plains and dense forests.
  • Nighttime predators – Elusive leopards and hyenas emerge.
  • mmersive wilderness experience – Encounter Africa’s untamed spirit.

The time has come for safari enthusiasts to make their mark on Tanzania Safaris and visit some of the most untrodden safari attractions that this wondrous land has on offer!


Mikumi's Untamed Beauty


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Experience The Beauty Of Tanzania And Create Unforgettable Memories With Our Safaris.

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