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About The Park

A special and remote safari experience awaits you at Katavi National Park – known for its abundance of wildlife and diversity of scenic surroundings! One of the major drawcards of this Tanzania Safari destination has to be its remote and exclusive nature. This has gone and made sure that the area has remained completely unspoilt from outside influences – making safaris here some of the most unique that you’ll ever encounter.

Best Time To Visit

The Best Time to Visit Katavi National Park is during the annual Dry Season that runs from June to October. During this season, the Katuma River is one of the only water sources available in the surrounding area, which is why several animals gather around here to quench their thirst. Thus, you will have great wildlife viewing opportunities around the river. Hundreds of hippos and Nile crocodiles also gather around the scarce watering holes. Combine this with thousands of impalas, zebras, and topis and you have one of the best wildlife sighting chances.

  • The green season, from November to May, showcases a different side of Katavi. As the rains replenish the park, the landscapes burst with life.
  • Lush vegetation flourishes, attracting herds of zebras, elephants, and buffalo, along with a multitude of bird species.
  • The air is filled with melodic calls and vibrant displays as migratory birds make their annual visit.

Also, the green season offers a serene and intimate Tanzania Safari Tour experience, with opportunities to witness the circle of life as newborn animals take their first steps.


Safaris in Katavi National Park aren’t particularly known for their rare wildlife sightings. But, it’s the sheer number of animals that comes as a surprise. Herds of Cape Buffaloes numbering in thousands are regularly spotted. Hippos burst out of the puddles of the seasonal rivers. Wondrous sable antelopes can be occasionally seen around the Miombo woodland.

While elephants and waterbucks tend to stick around the drying water reserves of Lake Chada and Katavi, an opportunistic lion pride are never far away from the action – waiting for the exact time that a prey comes to them.


The following are some safari experiences that most safari-goers have experienced on their Katavi National Park Safaris:

  • Unspoilt location with a staggeringly low amount of annual visitors
  • Wide range of habitats – from open grasslands to wooded areas seasonal to rivers and lakes
  • Varied wildlife species, including the impressive herds of Cape Buffaloes
  • Some of the largest populations of Nile crocodiles and hippos in Tanzania
  • Walking safaris to get the most authentic Tanzanian Bush adventure

Seeking isolation amongst stunning views that are far from the hums of safari vehicles and the maddening crowds? Then, Katavi National Park has come to match your safari needs and preferences!


Katavi's Untamed Beauty


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Experience The Beauty Of Tanzania And Create Unforgettable Memories With Our Safaris.

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