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The Northern Circuit Route is your ticket to an exceptional journey on Kilimanjaro, especially if you have the advantage of time and are ready to embrace a premium trekking experience. This trail takes you through the less frequented, yet incredibly scenic, northern slopes, offering a panoramic spectacle unlike any other.

As Kilimanjaro’s longest route, most tour companies schedule it as an eight-day or nine-day expedition. This length, combined with the route’s gentle ascent, provides climbers with excellent opportunities for acclimatization, significantly boosting the chances of summiting the mountain.

A Comprehensive Overview

The Northern Circuit Route is often hailed as the grand tour of Mount Kilimanjaro. It’s a route designed to encompass the most diverse and breathtaking views while making the altitude gain more manageable through a gradual ascent and longer duration. The route traverses from the west side; the same as the Lemosho Route. Here is what you need to know about Northern Circuit Kilimanjaro:

  • Distance: About 98 kilometres
  • Difficulty: Moderate to High, mainly due to the duration of the trek
  • Duration: 8-9 days; the more time the better acclimatization
  • Crowds: Lesser crowds, offering climbers tranquillity and a more personal experience.
  • Trails Conditions: The hikers on Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing expeditions will find great solace in the tranquillity of this trail, as it remains relatively undiscovered due to its reputation as one of the costlier routes to undertake. Otherwise, the pathway offers captivating vistas with its awe-inspiring natural beauty.

Scenic Highlights

The Northern Circuit takes you through an ever-changing landscape, ensuring you experience all of Kilimanjaro’s diverse environments: Distinctive Attractions: Rainforests, moorland, alpine desert, the stunning Northern slopes, and the magnificent Crater Camp. Panoramic Views: Unrivalled, continuous views of Kibo’s northern glaciers

Concise Itinerary

Your journey along the Northern Circuit Kilimanjaro unfolds as follows:

  • Start: Your adventure begins at Londorossi Gate, moving through the rainforest to Mti Mkubwa Camp
  • Acclimatization: Plenty of acclimatization hikes, especially at Third Cave and School Hut
  • Summit Push: The final push to the summit is from School Hut to Uhuru Peak, via Gilman’s Point
  • Descent: The descent follows the Mweka Route

Essential Insights

Some other insights related to Northern Circuit Route Kilimanjaro are:

Success Rate: Approximately 90%
Best Time to Climb: During the dry seasons, ideally January-March and June-October
Balancing the Pros and Cons
Every route has its ups and downs, and here are the Northern Circuits:

  • Pros: High success rate, most comprehensive Kilimanjaro experience, and ample acclimatization time
  • Cons: Longer duration, physically demanding, and higher cost

Route-Specific Tips

To make the most of your Northern Circuit adventure, here are some handy tips:

  • As it’s a longer route, you’ll need great stamina. Regular endurance training can help.
  • Don’t forget your camera! This route offers the best continuous views of Kilimanjaro.

The Northern Circuit Route is Kilimanjaro’s ultimate journey, promising an extensive experience of the mountain’s scenic grandeur. Despite being longer and more expensive, its high success rate, unrivalled views, and great acclimatization make it a popular choice for the well-prepared and adventurous climber.


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