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Scaling Kilimanjaro is an immense feat, made feasible by the dedication of porters who tirelessly carry heavy loads and prepare camps for climbers. At the summit, as climbers relish their accomplishment, the Kilimanjaro Porters gear up for their next ascent.

The porter’s life is strenuous, and every climber descends Kilimanjaro admiring their perseverance. To show gratitude, it’s advisable to engage with a climbing company that ensures proper treatment and respect for these unsung heroes.

Who Are The Kilimanjaro Porters?

The Kilimanjaro Porters comprises a team of committed individuals tasked with helping tourists in carrying their gear during the trek. Primarily, these porters are local males, aged between 18 and 40, who work in conjunction with a crew of trained professionals.

As you strenuously ascend the mountain, pushing your limits, your porters swiftly pass by, burdened with heavy loads. Their mission is to ensure that everything is ready for you by the time you reach the camp.

Key Responsibilities Of Kilimanjaro Porters

The main job of a porter is to carry all the luggage belonging to the entire team. The list of items includes gear for each climber, tents, oxygen bottles, stretchers, medical kits, food, sleeping bags, hyperbaric chambers, and toilets. They even carry any waste that’s generated all along the journey. Besides these key responsibilities, other jobs that are assigned to a porter include:

  • Setting up and dismantling tents at each campsite
  • Putting up the portable toilet
  • Helping the chef in meal preparation
  • Serving the food and cleaning the dishes later-on
  • Sanitize the water needed for cooking, cleaning, and drinking
  • Ensuring climbers’ safety and comfort

Apart from all this, they also continue to cheer you as you scale up the icy terrain. Also, they will give you that emotional support and motivation so that you don’t get discouraged by the unsuitable conditions prevailing in the mountains.

Working Conditions And Challenges

Despite their indispensable role, Kilimanjaro Porters face a myriad of challenges. They operate in harsh weather conditions and bear heavy loads (earlier 40, now it’s hopefully reduced to 25 kg). Yet, they still manage to keep their spirits high and encourage climbers all the way.

However, over the years, organizations such as Tanzania Porters Association (TPA) have been working tirelessly to improve the working conditions and wages of these remarkable individuals.

Ethical Treatment Of Porter
It’s essential for anyone planning for Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing to choose a tour operator that ensures fair and ethical treatment of porters. At Go Expedtions Africa, we ensure to follow the below pointers so that no porter feels unacknowledged.

Every trip is staffed with enough porters
Ensure the proper food and sleeping conditions are provided for them
Adequate clothing and equipment for the harsh weather are also provided
Carry out daily health check-ups for the porters and treat them in case of any illness or injury.
Lastly, we make sure that no porter is overworked and everyone gets adequate rest.

Supporting The Kilimanjaro Porters

There are several ways to support the Kilimanjaro Porters:

  • Choosing a TPA-partner operator
  • Tipping generously
  • Bringing extra gear to donate
  • Spreading awareness about the porters’ plight

Indeed, Kilimanjaro Porters are the overlooked champions of every successful Kilimanjaro ascent. They endure strenuous conditions to ensure climbers’ comfort and safety. As we marvel at the accomplishment of summiting the highest peak in Africa, let’s not forget to appreciate these hard-working individuals.

Treat them fairly, tip generously, and spread the word about their importance. After all Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing is a team effort-and porters are an indispensable part of that team.

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