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Planning for a Mount Kilimanjaro climb? Worried about the food options available up in the mountains? Don’t fret! Contrary to popular belief, the food available on Mount Kilimanjaro is far from dehydrated packages or unappetizing powdered mixes. In fact, climbers are in for a pleasant surprise as they get to indulge in a variety of Kilimanjaro Foods and nutritious meals.

During your Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing expedition, you can expect a diverse range of food options that provide a perfect blend of local African cuisine and high-energy mountaineering meals. These meals are carefully curated to keep you energized and fuelled throughout your climb.

High-Energy Mountaineering Foods

During the actual Kilimanjaro Climb, meals are designed to provide the calories and nutrition needed for intense physical effort. Porters and chefs, using portable stoves, cook meals even at the high camps. You will be supplied with meals comprising nutrient-dense foods for each day spent on the mountain. Even strict hygiene standards are maintained for the safety of our climbers. Simultaneously, it is also ensured that the food is delicious to eat.

Below is a sample of breakfast, lunch, and dinner options that you can expect to have on Mount Kilimanjaro.


  • Hot drinks like tea, coffee, or hot chocolate
  • Porridge or cereal for a healthy start
  • Scrambled eggs, bacon, and sausages for protein
  • Fresh fruits and toast with butter, jam, or marmalade.


  • Sandwiches with various fillings like chicken, tuna, or vegetables
  • Pasta salad for carbohydrates
  • Fresh fruits and hard-boiled eggs
  • Energy bars and chocolate for quick calories
  • Afternoon tea is served with peanuts and biscuits.
  • Also, salted popcorn and plenty of hot drinks are served.


  • Soup starter to warm you up and hydrate
  • A main course like chicken or fish curry, pasta, or rice dishes
  • Vegetables in every meal for vitamins and fiber
  • Dessert usually includes fresh fruits or a sweet treat like a cake

Hydration On The Mountain

Staying hydrated is critical during your Kilimanjaro climb. Clean, purified water is provided throughout the expedition. Hot drinks, including herbal teas, coffee, and hot chocolate, are available at meal times.


It is advised to bring your preferred high-energy snacks for the trek.

  • Energy bars, chocolate, or trail mix
  • Dried fruits or nuts
  • Biscuits or crackers

Traditional Tanzanian Foods

At the beginning and end of your Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing expedition, you will be offered traditional Tanzanian foods, providing a cultural experience alongside the physical adventure.

  • Ugali: A staple food in Tanzania, Ugali is a stiff dough made from cornmeal, typically served with a sauce or stew.
  • Mchuzi wa Samaki: A delicious fish curry cooked with tomatoes, onions, and a blend of local spices.
  • Nyama Choma: This is Tanzania’s version of barbecued meat, often served with Ugali.
  • Ndizi Kaanga: These are fried bananas, a popular street food snack and dessert in Tanzania.

The Kilimanjaro Foods on your climbing expedition is more than just fuel. It’s a chance to taste the local cuisine, experience the culture, and enjoy meals prepared with care in the most extraordinary locations. As you savor a cup of tea on the rooftop of Africa, remember that every bite is part of the journey.

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