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Arguably, Mont Kilimanjaro is the perfect spot for adventure lovers, globally. If you planning to scale this mountain, you show how much it cost to climb it. In this guide, we have done a total breakdown of all the factors that are involved in Kilimanjaro Climbing Cost.

Tour Operator Expenses

Typically, your biggest expense will be the fee you pay to your chosen tour operator. This cost is inclusive of several key elements
  • Park fees
  • Camping fees
  • Rescue fees
  • Guide and porter fees
  • Meals and drinking water during the climb
  • Kilimanjaro Tour Prices
The average cost for Kilimanjaro climbs ranges from $2,000 to $4,000, depending on the tour operator’s services and the climb’s duration.

Park Fees

Every climber must pay park fees, which contributes significantly to the overall cost. This fee includes:
  • Conservation fee: $70 per day
  • Camping fee: $50-$60 per night
  • Rescue fee: $20 per trip

Guide And Porter Fees

You cannot ascend Kilimanjaro without the assistance of registered guides and porters. Their fees form an integral part of the total Kilimanjaro Climbing cost. A reputable tour operator will follow fair trade guidelines, ensuring guides and porters receive fair wages.

Accommodation And Meals

Accommodation before and after the climb, meals and drinking water during the climb are typically included in the tour operator’s package. Expect higher costs for better-quality accommodations and meals.

Travel Expenses

Travelling to Tanzania is another significant cost component. Factors to consider here include: Flights: Depending on your location, flight costs vary. Research well in advance to find the best deals. Visa: As of 2021, most visitors to Tanzania require a visa, which costs around $50-$100, depending on your nationality. Vaccinations: Be sure to budget for any necessary vaccinations or anti-malarial medication.

Equipment And Gear

Quality gear is essential for a safe and successful climb. While some gear can be rented, you may need to purchase certain items. Consider the following costs:
  • Clothing: Warm layers, waterproof jackets, and thermal underwear are vital. Expect to spend $500-$1,000 on clothing.
  • Equipment: Essential items include a sleeping bag, hiking boots, a headlamp, and trekking poles. Costs can range from $200-$600.


Tipping your guides and porters is customary and should be factored into your budget. Tips typically range from 10% to 20% of the total cost of the climb.

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is vital when undertaking a trip like this. Make sure your policy covers high-altitude trekking. Insurance can cost around $100-$200.
Route Duration Costs (approx.)
Lemosho 7 days/ 8 days $2850/ $2980
Machame 7 days $2790
Northern Circuit 9 days $3280
Marangu 6 days $2670
Rongai 7 days $2850
Mount Meru Climb 4 days $1050

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To start planning your tour with us, you can create an itinerary from scratch, or modify one of our suggested itineraries. Want to visit a beautiful destination, or start an adventure to reach the top? We will make it happen.

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